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Yaoundé OLEMBE sports complex construction project

Since the signing of the design-construction contracts for the PICCINI company and project management and project management assistance for EGIS, the Yaoundé OLEMBE huge construction sports complex project has continued to progress gradually.

After the validation of the APS (2/12/2016) and APD (16/02/2017) phases, the design-study phase is almost 95% complete.

Construction works effectively started on 07/03/2017. The site facilities are almost complete (office base of company, AMO and Administration), and the activity is increasingly concretized as can be seen in the details hereafter:

  • Mobilization of equipment and materials:
    • Office base ;
    • Prefabrication base;
    • Storage area;
    • Concrete plant;
    • Site laboratory (equipment and calibration in progress) ;
    • 63 construction machinery;
    • A huge number of trucks (tank carriers) for the transportation of materials from the Douala sea port;
    • Three (03) fixed cranes ;
    • One (01) rail crane.
  • Staff mobilization:
    • 567 people are already mobilized on site by PICCINI to various management and production positions;
    • EGIS workforce is 30 people including engineers, technicians, support staff and a technical expertise unit in France in charge of validating the company’s project implementation.
  • LABOGENIE mobilization in charge of geotechnical control in partnership with AMO’s geotechnical monitoring teams and the company ensuring the quality of foundations and works.
  • Technical Control Office (SOCOTEC) mobilization to ensure the decennial quality of the structures built.

The actions detailed above point to the seriousness of all stakeholders to guarantee the timely delivery of the work.

If it was necessary to summarize the visible advances on the site, proof of the progress of works, we would note:

  • Status of project execution

The company has a projection of 1348 plans for the construction of the stadium and its annexes on over 3,000 plans for the sports complex. Of these, the AMO has already received 908 plans for analysis. AMO has analyzed the received plans by almost 70%.


  • Status of project execution
  • North side, Hotel Area: 21 spread footing provided :
  • Partial casting of 15 spread footing took place;
  • The reinforcement of the spread footing is continuing on the 15 spread footing;
  • The reinforcement of the support panel of the stands built into the spread footing is continued on the partially cast spreads;
  • Casting clean concrete on the external connection ring beam ;
  • Casting in progress on the inner ring beam of the stadium.

The progress of production works in this area is estimated at 40%

  • East Side, Area of stands for the public: 12 spread footing provided
    • Reinforcement and formwork of nine (09) spread footing;
    • Casting in process for clean concrete on the inner ring beam of the stadium.
  • In this area, the progress of production works is estimated at 20%

South side, Commercial Centre area: 21 spread footing provided

    • Partial casting of 12 spread footing;
    • Reinforcement of the spread footing continued on the 12 cast spread footing;
    • Reinforcement of the support veil of the stands embedded in the spread footing continues on the 12 spreads;
    • Current formwork of the spread on the S11; S12 and S13 sides;
    • Fixing of reserve tubes in readiness for prefabricated poles has begun;
    • Reinforcement of the external connection ring beam ;
    • Casting of clean concrete running on the inner ring beam.

The progress of production works in this area is estimated at 40%

  • West side, Presidential Tribune
    • The reinforcement of the lower slab, already laid on the first half, continues;
    • Reinforcement of the upper slab has also started.

The progress of production works in this area is estimated at 20%

The overall progress of the works on site is estimated at 13%.

The production of prefabricated reinforced concrete elements and structural steel is being manufactured in certified factories in Italy;

The first boats are expected before the end of the year.

The site is progressing with a harmonious coordination of all the parties (PICCINI company, AMO EGIS, LABOGENIE, SOCOTEC and the administrations of which MINSEP is Client), methodically and serenely. The increase in the number of staff mobilized on the ground is proof of the willingness of all to hit the target.

Cameroon in brief

Capital City : Yaounde
Area : 475 442 km2
Population : 23 739 218 hab. (2015)
Currency : Franc CFA BEAC (XAF)