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Ministry of Territorial Administration

THE MINISTER OF TERRITORIAL ADMINISTRATION is in charge of developing and implementing Government policy on territorial administration, civil protection, and monitoring elections.

He is therefore, in charge of:

  1. In the area of territorial administration:

- the organisation and functioning of administrative constituencies and local services of territorial administration;

- the organisation and follow-up of traditional chieftaincies;

- the preparation and application of laws and regulations on civil liberties;

- the maintenance of law and order in collaboration with special forces;

- issues of religion;

- monitoring the activities of political associations and movements;

- monitoring the activities of non-profit associations, organisations and movements;

b) in the area of civil protection:

- the drafting, implementation and regulation of standards on risk prevention and natural disaster management, in collaboration with relevant ministries;

- the coordination of national and international actions in case of natural disasters.

c) regarding elections:

- ensuring a permanent connection between Government and the independent body in charge of the organisation, management, and supervision of elections and referenda in collaboration with relevant ministries. 

Cameroon in brief

Capital City : Yaounde
Area : 475 442 km2
Population : 23 739 218 hab. (2015)
Currency : Franc CFA BEAC (XAF)