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Minister of State Property and Land Tenure

THE MINISTER OF STATE PROPERTY, SURVEYS AND LAND TENURE is responsible for developing and implementing Government’s policy on lands, surveys and land tenure.

As such, he is responsible for:

  • drafting legislative and regulatory texts relating to State property, lands and surveys;
  • managing public and private State-owned land;
  • managing national land and allocation proposals;
  • protecting public and private State-owned land from infringement, in conjunction with relevant administrative bodies;
  • the acquisition and expropriation of immovable property for the benefit of the State, public administrative bodies and State-owned companies, in conjunction with the Minister of Finance and relevant administrative bodies;
  • the management and maintenance of State movable and immovable property;
  • management and monitoring of administrative leases;
  • the preparation and maintenance of cadastral plans;
  • conducting studies necessary for the delimitation of cadastral integration perimeters;
  • the constitution and control of land reserves in conjunction with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development and relevant administrative bodies.

He is the supervisory authority over the Urban and Rural Land Development Authority (MAETUR).

Cameroon in brief

Capital City : Yaounde
Area : 475 442 km2
Population : 23 739 218 hab. (2015)
Currency : Franc CFA BEAC (XAF)